Starburst Aglaonema

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  • Easy-Care Tropical
  • Light Preference/Tolerated (Bright Indirect Light, Medium Light, Low Light)
  • Average Watering Needs
  • Rich, Indoor Potting Soil
  • Mature Height 20 Inches

Starburst Aglaonema is one easy-to-care-for tropical plant that is perfect for the first-time gardener. The large colorful leaves are marbled with red, green, pink, and white, all on the same plant. Starburst Chinese Evergreen makes a colorful addition to any tropical plant collection and will grow well in almost any spot of the house.

Best Locations For Growing Starburst Aglaonema

The larger size of the Chinese Evergreen makes it an excellent backdrop for other tropical plants in a sunroom or conservatory-type room. Humid and brightly lit rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens are also good spots. Chinese Evergreens can be grown outdoors during the summer with added shade during the hottest parts of the day. Chinese Evergreen is highly toxic to pets and children.

Starburst Aglaonema Sunlight Requirements

Indirect bright light will keep Starburst Aglaonema vividly colored and thriving. A south-facing exposure with some filtered light in the windows is perfect. It can also thrive in 4 hours of direct sunlight in an east or west-facing direction. Aglaonema can be grown in lower light levels, although the brilliant colors of Starburst will be dulled.

Starburst Aglaonema Care

Aglaonema prefers to be slightly root-bound and does not need repotting regularly. Use an all-purpose indoor potting soil that has added perlite or orchid bark for good drainage and looseness. Terra cotta or other unglazed pots will help the roots of Aglaonema dry out in between waterings and reduce the possibility of overwatering.

Watering Starburst Aglaonema

Let the top 2-3 inches of potting soil dry out before watering Starburst. During the summer, watering may need to be done 1-2 times a week while the plant is actively growing. In the winter, Starburst will slow growth and require much less water. Check for dryness every 10-14 days. Keep humidity high around this plant by placing it in a tray filled with pebbles. When the water runs out of the drainage hole, the stones keep the pot out of standing water while letting the water evaporate naturally and providing added humidity. Using a spray bottle to mist the plant for humidity is fine as well. Make sure to use distilled or spring water. Tap water that is hard or has softener chemicals in it will leave white mineral deposits on the leaves. 

Feeding Starburst Aglaonema

A balanced, liquid houseplant fertilizer can be applied once a month. Dilute the feed to half the manufacturer's recommendation.  Avoid getting any of the fertilizer on the leaves, as it will spot them and possibly cause them to burn.

Starburst Aglaonema Information

Light Exposure: Bright Indirect Light, Medium Light, Low Light
Care Requirements: Easy
Watering Requirements: Average - When the top 2 inches of the soil dries out.
Pet Friendly: No
Kid Friendly: No
Air Purifier: Moderate
Habit: Clumping
Growth Rate: Slow
Mature Height: 20 inches
Mature Spread: 20 inches
Flowering: No
Flower Color(s): None
Flower Shade/Description: Grown for Foliage
Foliage Type: Variegated
Foliage Color(s): Green, Pink
Foliage Description: Variegated Green and Pink
Temperature: 65° - 80°F (18° - 27°C)
Humidity: Below Average (20% - 40%)
Common Name: Starburst Aglaonema
Other Name(s): Chinese Evergreen
Scientific Name: Aglaonema 'Starburst'
Plant Type: House Plant

Container Sizes

Please Note: The pictures below are to give a general representation of the different container sizes. The actual size/ages of plants are estimates and will vary based on; type of plant, time of year, last pruning & many other factors.

4.5 Pot

4.5" Pot
 Also Know As:
   4.5" Container

 Plant Age:
   ~ 6 months
 Plant Size:
   ~ 3"-6"
 Pot Size:
   ~ 4.5"H x 3.75"W
   1.42 quarts

Quart Pot

Quart Pot
 Also Know As:

 Plant Age:
   ~ 1 year old
 Plant Size:
   ~ 4"-8"
 Pot Size:
   ~ 4.75"H x 4.5"W
   1.50 quarts

2.5 Quart

2.5 Quart
 Also Know As:
   2.5 Quart Pot

 Plant Age:
   ~ 1.5 year old
 Plant Size:
   ~ 8"-12"
 Pot Size:
   ~ 6.5"H x 6.5"W
   2.20-2.30 quarts

#1 Pot

#1 Pot
 Also Know As:
   #1 Container
    1 Gallon
 Plant Age:
   ~ 2 year old
 Plant Size:
   ~ 10"-14"
 Pot Size:
   ~ 7"H x 7.75"W
   2.26-3.73 quarts

#2 Pot

#2 Pot
 Also Know As:
   #2 Container
    2 Gallon
 Plant Age:
   ~ 2-3 year old
 Plant Size:
   ~ 12"-18"
 Pot Size:
   ~ 9.5"H x 9.5"W
   1.19-1.76 gallons

#3 Pot

#3 Pot
 Also Know As:
   #3 Container
    3 Gallon
 Plant Age:
   ~ 3-4 year old
 Plant Size:
   ~ 12"-30"
 Pot Size:
   ~9.5"H x 11"W
   2.32-2.76 gallons

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Guide: How to Care for Your New Plant(s)

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