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Ornamental Grasses

The Benefits of Ornamental Grasses
Ornamental grasses are a great addition to any landscape. The plants are low maintenance and provide year round interest. Decorative ornamental grasses come in many different sizes and shapes. From short sedge grass, that works well as a border or in flower pots, to tall ornamental grasses that provide height to a landscape and can be used as a privacy hedge. Ornamental grasses also come in several different colors including pink, red, blue, and purple.

Low Maintenance:

  • Drought Tolerant
  • Heat Tolerant
  • No Fertilizer or Pesticide Needed
  • No Pruning Needed


  • Good as Borders
  • Prevents Erosion
  • Large Ornamental Grasses Add Height
  • Privacy Barrier
  • Smaller Varieties in Flower Pots
  • Can Be Used as a Ground Cover

Other Benefits:

  • Prevent Erosion
  • Comes in Green, Blue, Purple, Tan and Red Colors
  • Habitat for Wildlife
  • 4 Season Interest