Sedge Grass


  • Shaded Borders
  • Ground Cover
  • Pond Edges
  • Container Gardens


  • Colorful Evergreen Foliage
  • Deer & Rabbit Resistant
  • Low Maintenance & Adaptable


  • Full Shade to Partial Shade
  • 0-4 Hours of Direct Sunlight
  • Some Types Require Full Sun

Growing Zones:

Sedge grass, also known as Carex, is not a true grass but actually an evergreen perennial with a number of great qualities. Native sedges can adapt to dry, sunny sites with poor soil or heavy clay. Many sedges tolerate wet sites and can be planted at the edge of a pond or water feature. The strappy, grass-like foliage comes in array of colors and stays compact and dense. Its manageable size makes sedge a fine plant for container arrangements to add year-round color.