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Camellia Information

Camellia are flowering evergreen shrubs in the Theaceae family. With around 300 different species and over 3,000 hybrids, these plants are found all over eastern & southern Asia, the Himalayas, Japan Vietnam & Indonesia. 

Camellia can grow up to 60+ feet tall. However, the largest plant we offer only gets to be 15 foot tall. These can also grow as small decorative trees. The flowers range from white, pink & red colors with yellow stamens at the center of the bloom. Most of the time the plants are fall-blooming. The foliage is typically simple thick serrated leaves that are usually glossy. 

The Best Way To Use Camellia

Camellia are popular plants in southern states, and are hardy in growing zones 7 to 9. The shrubs are great for large flowering privacy hedges that are green year round. These plants also make fantastic windbreaks, grow great in garden planters and planted as borders.

Most camellias are generally well-adapted to acid soils rich in humus. The plants require a lot of water and do not tolerate drought very well. As with lots of warm climate plants, these plants have a rapid growth rate. 

  • Flowering Evergreen Shrubs

  • Rapid Growth Rate

  • Yellow, Red & White Flowers

  • Popular in Southern States

  • Growing Zones 7 to 10

  • 3 to 16 Feet Tall

Best Selling Camellias