Holly Bushes


  • Specimen or Focal Point
  • Hedges
  • Containers


  • Winter Interest
  • Attracts Birds
  • Deer Resistant


  • Partial Sun to Full Sun
  • 5+ Hours of Direct Sun

Growing Zones:

Holly Bushes are one of the most popular plants for the year round interest, attractive evergreen foliage, flowers, and berries in the fall and winter. Plant Holly as a border, focal, hedge, or container plant.

Growing Hollies

Ilex, or Holly, is a genus of about 480 species of flowering plants in the family Aquifoliaceae, and the only living genus in that family. The species are evergreen or deciduous trees and shrubs. We offer many varieties of Holly plants because they are a great four season bush for most landscaping plans. Many (though not all) species of holly have distinctive glossy green leaves that feature either spiny teeth or serrated edges. Almost all holly species are dioecious, meaning that you will need to plant both male and female for cross pollination if you desire fruit. Holly plants are deer resistant, attract birds, and the winter berries add color to a snowy area.

The Best Way to Use Holly Bushes

The holly family (Ilex spp.) includes a diverse group of shrubs and trees. You’ll find plants that grow only 18 inches tall as well as trees growing 60 feet tall-- so make sure you choose a plant that fits the needs of your garden plan. Winter hardy in USDA zones 6-9, Holly shrubs like well-drained, moderately acidic soil. Preferring full sun, this plant can grow in some shade as well. Holly trees have a slow to medium growth rate. Depending on the variety you choose, Hollys can be used as a privacy screen, focal point, hedge, container plant, or foundation plant. The berries of a Holly bush can be toxic if ingested.

  • 3 main types; Winterberry, Blue, Japanese
  • Use as a focal, hedge or container plant
  • Deciduous and evergreen
  • Great for hedges & borders
  • Do well to pruning and shaping
  • Provide winter interest
  • Foliage is green with red berries
  • Can grow 18 inches to 30 feet tall
  • Growing zones 3 to 9
  • Holly Companion Plants

    Holly plants are famous for their winter berries, so pairing this shrub with plants that flower at other times of the year will offer a continuous display of colorful foliage and blossoms. Holly trees prefer slightly acidic soil, we suggest these acid-loving plants as well. Because Holly trees can grow very tall, many gardeners plant annuals like geraniums, torenia, & begonia under their Holly. Here are some of our favorites to plant with hollies.