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Elderberry Bushes

Why Buy Elderberry Shrubs Online?

Elderberry are a genus of flowering shrubs called Sambucus in the Adoxaceae family. Also commonly called elder. The plants have delicate serrated leaves similar to a japanese maple but in a wide range of colors from black to lime green. The bushes bloom in late spring, with large groups of small flowers that are cream white or sometimes pink. The flowers are followed by berries that are often black, dark blue or red. The berries are edible and have many uses once cooked. However, the rest of the plant is poisonous along with the berries when raw.

The Best Way To Use Elderberry

Most elderberry shrubs are winter hardy in growing zones 4 to 7. The plants can grow from 3 to 12 feet tall and wide. The growth habit is typically mounded, however we do offer an upright version as well. The plants prefer well drained soil. Plant in a location with partial sun to full sunlight conditions. 

Use elderberry as an ornamental shrub and a focal point in the garden. These are also great in mass plantings. Typically, you will need to plant more than 1 for these to produce berries as the plants will need to cross pollinate. The plants are also great for wildlife as they produce blooms and berries needed for pollinators like bees as well as berries for birds. 

  • Use as an ornamental focal point

  • Great for birds, bees, and other wildlife

  • Available in black, green and lime green

  • Typically 3 to 12 feet tall

  • Growing zones 4 to 7