• Container Spillers
  • Annual Groundcover
  • Garden Beds & Landscaping


  • Low-Growing Colorful Flowers
  • Long Season Bloom
  • Easy Care Annual


  • Partial Sun to Full Sun
  • 5+ Hours of Direct Sun
  • East, West or South Sides of Homes

Verbena plants typically add summer color to containers and garden beds. Plant these in mostly sunny locations in the garden or container garden.

Growing Verbena

Verbenas are popular annuals for gardeners in most regions. They come in a variety of colors, so they work well as a color filler in containers, beds, or other areas of the landscape. Because they typically grow no higher than a foot in a mounded or trailing way, they are versatile choices for lush summer color. We sell about 20 varieties to help our customers find the color and growing habit to best suit their needs. Flowers appear all summer in circular clusters, for a delicate look up close but for colorful attention from afar.

Best Ways to us Verbena

Verbenas can fill containers that get at least 4 hours of sun a day on decks, patios, balconies, or in the landscape with color. Add a trailing or spilling variety like Superverbena Violet Ice to a hanging basket. Plant several together in a garden bed, near steps, or on a slope to create a floral groundcover during the growing season.

As an annual, they are easy-care flowers, and most varieties are self-cleaning, so they need little pruning or deadheading. Verbena plants can handle summer heat up to zones 8 through 11. Most varieties resist disease and can attract butterflies to their colorful, circular flowers.

  • Container or hanging basket spiller
  • Groundcover
  • Available in more than a dozen color combinations
  • Typically 6 to 12 inches high and 18 to 30 inches wide
  • Winter hardy in zones 8 to 11
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    Superbena Timing Chart

    There is a 5 week window from the earliest flowering to the latest flowering Superbena Verbena. Typically weeks 12 to 16 are from late March to late April.