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Why Buy Salvia Online?

Salvias, or sages, include a huge and versatile group of shrubs, ornamentals and herbs. Salvia nemorosa is a species of perennial plants native to Europe and Asia. These plants are extremely hardy and easy to care for. The plant blooms in May or June and have violet, blue, pink, and white flowers. Also known as woodland sage or Balkan clary. The leaves have a sage-like scent. Several varieties are perennial in cooler zones, but others work only as annuals. The hardy plants can survive in growing zones 3 to 8 and can survive in temperatures to –18 °C (0° F). 

The Best Way To Use Salvia

Grow salvia in an area that gets full sun for best results. These plants can handle hot summer days not problem. The soil needs good drainage, and moderate weekly watering may be required during times of drought. Most gardeners use these plants in pollinator gardens, flower gardens or in garden planters. Salvia attract hummingbirds, bees and butterflies, but not deer or rabbits. Another great feature of most perennial salvias is that you can easily propagate more by separating mature plants and replanting them.

  • Violet, blue, pink, and white flowers

  • Attract hummingbirds, bees and butterflies

  • Hardy and low maintenance

  • Deer and rabbit resistant

  • Growing zones 3 to 8