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Why Buy Coneflower Online?

Coneflower are a very commonly found flowering perennial that are winter hard from zones 3-9. Most stores will probably carry some type of generic purple coneflower that you most often think of. However, by purchasing coneflowers online, you can find some very unique plants that aren't typically found at a local garden center or hardware store. Plus, ordering coneflowers online is much easier than driving to the store and dealing with crowds.

Coneflower Information

Coneflowers are in the Echinacea genus, which are flowering plants in the daisy family. Coneflowers are native to eastern and central North America. The plants grow in prairies and wooded areas and can handle the harshest summer conditions. The plants have large showy flowers that bloom from early to late summer. The flowers can be red, pink, orange and yellow.

The Best Way To Use Coneflower

Coneflowers are winter hardy in growing zones 4 to 9. These are fantastic pollinating plants that bees and other insects will love. Because these plants are native, maintenance and care is minimal. Plant these in partial sun to full sun and in soil that is well drained. Other than that, the plants should thrive in most conditions. 

Coneflowers grow to be 1 to 2 feet tall and are great in pollinating gardens, planters, in cut flower gardens, mass plantings and wildlife sanctuaries.

  • Red, pink, orange & yellow flowers

  • Native to North America

  • Fantastic pollinating plants

  • 1 to 2 feet tall

  • Growing zones 4 to 9

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