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Why Buy Ferns Online?

Ferns (Polypodiopsida or Polypodiophyta) are in a group of vascular plants (plants with xylem and phloem). The plants do not reproduce with seeds or flowers, they reproduce with spores. Commonly found in the tropics, ferns are found throughout the world in moist, forested and shaded areas. Ferns can grow in zones 3 to 10 depending on the variety.

The Best Way To Use Ferns

Most gardeners grow ferns underneath trees and on the north side of their houses in shaded areas. Most ferns cannot tolerate direct sunlight, especially during intense afternoon hours. As long as the area remains moist, there is not a whole lot of care involved for ferns. 

  • Great for shaded areas

  • Cannot tolerate direct sunlight

  • Typically 2 to 3 feet tall

  • Growing zones 3 to 10