Tree Planters

Tree planters are extra large planters that have enough space inside them to grow trees. Trees typically have larger root balls than other plants, so they require more space. The tree canopies can also catch the wind easier, so you need more weight to ensure the trees don’t fall over.

Oftentimes, people will use oversized planters on patios, entryways, on decks and balconies, and indoors. This can create a natural vertical display, privacy, or shade in areas that trees otherwise couldn’t grow in.

The most common place tree planters are used are in commercial settings. Our large planters are commercial grade and most of them are fully customizable for any color you need.

Best Size Of Planters For Tree Planters

Usually a tree’s root ball will be close to the same size as the canopy of the tree. So plan to use a planter large enough to allow the tree to grow to a mature size, while giving the rootball enough space to grow as large as the mature canopy of the tree.

Best Material For Tree Planters

We recommend using a lightweight material that is weatherproof, UV-resistant & frost-resistant so you can move the planter easily before filling it with potting soil. Also, be sure to pick a material that can handle harsh elements during hot summer days or cold winter nights with freezing temperatures. Our resin plastic or fiberglass planters will be the best material to use for outdoor tree planters.

More than likely the planter will not be able to be moved easily once it’s filled with dirt. So plan ahead for the location and be sure to pick out a material that will last outdoors.

Tree Planter Ideas