Classico Round Planter


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Selected Planter Color is
  • Use Indoors or Outdoors
  • Shatterproof
  • Ultralight
  • UV Resistant
  • Comes With Lechuza Pon Substrate

The Classico Round Planter from Lechuza is a modern way to take care of your favorite plant. There are many colors to choose from (Black, Charcoal, Espresso, Scarlet Red, Silver, Shiny Taupe, White) so you wont have issues finding which one works best for you. This planter has a self watering system which allows you to not have to worry about constantly watering your plants. The water level indicator will inform you if your plants need more water to survive. There are no drainage holes so if you end up over watering the self watering system will store the water for later use.  

The Classico is also made with high-quality plastic. High quality plastic ensures that the planter is shatterproof and uv-resistant. No matter what conditions the planter will face it will not be damaged. The container is also ultralight so if you feel like placing it inside or outside you will be able to move it. With the Lechuza Pon Substrate included with your purchase, it is easy to keep your plants in optimal health. There is a one-year limited warranty with all Lechuza planters, so there is no need to stress about any defects.

Gardening With Classico Round Planters

The Classico Round Planter from Lechuza is great for business entryways and office spaces. It is also great for living rooms, balconies, and patios for your home. The Classico Round is an attention catching planter because of its ability to showcase any plant in a stylish modern way. 

This planter is great for large plants but it can fit any plant easily. The container has two sizes (23.6 x 21.9 inch and 27.6 x 25.4 inch) so you won't have an issue finding which one will fit best in your home or business space. Try planting some small trees or long grasses in this planter.

Please note that due to the high data volume, the 3D viewer should be loaded with an existing WLAN connection. In the mobile view, the viewer allows you an augmented reality (AR) function. You can visualize a LECHUZA planter in your room.



The harmonious round shape of the popular CLASSICO nestles into all rooms. The LECHUZA all-rounder is suitable for every plant, no matter whether it is a sculptural Sansevieria or a bushy violin fig. With many different sizes and colours, CLASSICO is the ideal partner for all plant lovers who want to present their green roommates in a modern and stylish way.

CLASSICO 60 and 70 are as All-in-One sets with conventional sub-irrigation system.

Classico Round Planter Accessories: Coaster


  • mobile in every direction
  • with sturdy rollers
  • makes CLASSICO mobile – without being seen
  • for sizes 60, 70

Classico Round Planter Dimensions


Dimensions ~ (W x H) Ø 23.6 x 21.9 inch Ø 27.6 x 25.4 inch
Water reservoir 4.5 7.0
Plant volume 20.4 32.9
Planter liner, dimension ~ Ø 22.5 inch Ø 26,4 inch
Planting depth 15 inch 18 inch
Plant height max. 55 inch 67 inch

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Planter Warranty

Lechuza Planters
All of Lechuza planters come with a 1-year limited warranty. Click here to learn more about Lechuza warranty and other manufacturer warranties.

Planter Shipping

Standard Colors: 2-3 business days

Special Order Colors: 8 weeks - this is due to the planter being custom made with the color(s) of your choice

Please Note: On special orders there can not be any cancellations

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It is important to know that all of our plants are clearly labeled for which growing zones the plant can survive in. The plants are thoroughly trialed and tested in every growing zone before we state the plant can grow in a zone. Again, our #1 priority is to ship the plants to you healthy and ready to thrive in your location. So we will do everything in our power to do so.