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Rose Bushes

Roses are a woody perennial consisting of mostly shrubs and sometimes climbing vines. The genus is called Rosa. The famous plants produce very fragrant flowers in several different colors and shapes. The branches are often armed with thorns. Most people grow these ornamental plants for their flowers which provide beauty in gardens or in cut flower arrangements. Most are native to Asia, with some native to Europe, North America, and Africa.

We offer varieties that are winter and summer hardy in growing zones 3 - 11, which is most of the United States. So no matter where you live, we probably have a rose that will grow in your area. Roses are one of the most popular plants grown in North America and for good reason. Gardeners can grow the bushes in planters, in mass planting or foundational plantings, or creating a border with some natural built in security.

  • Beautiful flowers in multiple shapes & sizes
  • Very fragrant flowers
  • Branches have thorns
  • Growing zones 3 to 11