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Plant Care

Caring for your plants is a never-ending learning experience and what makes gardening so enjoyable. There is always something more to learn when it comes to gardening, and if there is no such thing as a gardener who doesn't fail. We at Plant Addicts want every single person who tries to grow plants to be as successful as possible, so we have created care guides for different types of plants. As always, feel free to email us directly at with any questions you may have. Thank you for visiting our website, and good luck caring for your plants!

Shrub Care

Shrub Care

perennial care

Perennial Care

Annual Care

Annual Care

Caring for Shrubs

Bushes and shrubs are woody plants that come back each year. During the winter months shrubs can be either evergreen or deciduous. Evergreen means the plant will keep its leaves all winter and deciduous means the leaves will fall off, leaving the woody parts of the plant (branches) behind.

Typically these plants grow best outdoors, although some can be grown as houseplants. Most shrubs can be grown in garden planters, as long as the plants get enough room to grow and the roots are protected in the winter in colder climates.

The main considerations for growing shrubs are:

  • Choosing the right shrubs for your growing zone
  • Selecting the correct location for sunlight & space to grow
  • Watering properly
  • Fertilizing
  • Pruning
  • Winter care

Caring for Perennials

Perennials are plants that grow back every year. The plants die back to the ground during the winter, but come back each spring as long as the plant is hardy enough to survive the area its growing in. The main difference between shrubs and perennials are that there is no woody material for the plants.

The main considerations for growing perennials are:

  • Choosing the right perennials for your growing zone
  • Selecting the correct location for sunlight & space to grow
  • Watering properly
  • Fertilizing
  • Pruning & deadheading
  • Winter care

Caring for Annuals

The difference between perennials and annuals is that annuals do not come back each year. Either the plants aren’t cold-hardy enough for your area, or the annuals survive by producing seeds that sow and spread each year, creating new plants. Annuals typically bloom longer and more frequently than perennial plants.

Annuals are typically grown for their long-lasting blooming season, the growth rate and the ease of caring for the plants. Then the plants are discarded in the winter, and replaced the following spring with new annuals. Annuals also typically do well in planters and other containers.

The main things to consider when caring for annuals are:

  • Choosing the right location to plant
  • Watering the annuals
  • Fertilizing annuals
  • Deadheading or pruning the annuals
  • Growing annuals in containers

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