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Are you a plant addict? Answer the questions below. This could be the perfect website for you! Don't forget to start the 12 step program if you think you do have a problem. Also, be sure to check out some professional plant addict experts who write articles for this website!

Am I A Plant Addict?

  1. My selfies always include my garden.

  2. My back is sore from pulling weeds and planting new plants.

  3. I have dirt underneath my fingernails more often than not.

  4. I buy plants on clearance, even when I do not know where I'm going to put them.

  5. I actually like (most) insects

  6. I always make sure someone looks after my plants while I'm on vacation.

  7. I know the botanical names for all or most of my plants.

  8. I pull weeds from other people's yards.

  9. I've been known to take plant clippings from time to time.

  10. I always try to share my plant addiction with my friends.

 Are You A Plant Addict?

 How to Help With Plant Addiction - 12 Step Program

Recovery is a lifelong process. There is no wrong way to approach the 12 steps. Figure out what works best for you as an individual, and build from there. Most people will need to revisit some steps, and even do more than 1 step at a time. Just remember there is power in numbers, so joining this group will help give you support from other people with the same problems you might be facing every day!

Step 1 - Admit we are powerless over plants.

Step 2 - Join Plant Addicts Anonymous.

Step 3 - Always help others with gardening.

Step 4 - Experiment with new plants.

Step 5 - Make sure to schedule backrubs after weeding.

Step 6 - Find room to grow more plants.

Step 7 - Share pictures of your garden.

Step 8 - Invite your friends to join Plant Addicts Anonymous.

Step 9 - Keep an eye out for plant deals.

Step 10 -  Follow us on social media.  Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Intagram |

Step 11 - Prepare for withdrawals during winter.

Step 12 - Have a good root support system.

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