• Garden Borders & Edges
  • Container Gardens as a Thriller
  • Cottage Gardens


  • Low Maintenance
  • Cut & Dried Flowers
  • Attracts Bees, Butterflies & Hummingbirds


  • Full Sun
  • 6+ Hours of Direct Sun
  • Southern Facing Gardens

Growing Zones:

Larkspur is a perennial flower that blooms from early Summer through Fall. It’s tall upright growth habit is great for fence lines or the back of borders.

Growing Larkspur

Larkspur is a member of the delphinium family. A fast-growing garden favorite, its blossoms are shades of white, pink, purple, or deep blue. The upright dark green lacy foliage may require staking. Larkspur is a low maintenance grower and is pest resistant. You can grow Larkspur from seed and the flowers are great as a cut arrangement or dried.

The Best Way to Use Larkspur

It is not often that you find a plant that blooms flowers in the color blue. This hard to find flower color will have you looking forward to it season after season. Hardy growing in zones 2 - 10, this upright plant reaches heights of 1-3 feet, and a width of 6-8 inches. Planted in partial to full sun, Larkspur prefers well drained soil. Deer resistant and drought tolerant, this plant is great for containers as well as along borders or walls. Keep in mind that Larkspur seeds and leaves are poisonous if eaten (mildly toxic to people or pets, dangerous for cattle.)

  • Good for fence lines or borders
  • Good as dried and cut flowers
  • Available in white, pink, purple, or deep blue colors
  • Typically 1-3 feet tall
  • Growing zones 3 to 8
  • Larkspur Companion Plants

    Larkspur are perfect for creating a lovely flower garden or where you need a thriller/filler for your container arrangement. Some great plants to combine with larkspur are sunflower, hollyhock, tall ornamental grasses, joe pye weed, foxglove, cosmos and roses. You can even plant in your vegetable garden to add a pop of color there.