Vegetable Producing Plants

Saving Seeds for Next Year

Which Seeds Can I Save? 

You want to save seeds from open-pollinated varieties of vegetables. The seeds from these types will come true, meaning the offspring will share the same characteristics as the parent plant. Heirloom vegetables are open pollinated and are a good choice because they have desirable traits that were selected over many generations. Many tomato, beans, peas and pepper plants are heirloom varieties and are good candidates for seed saving. Avoid collecting seeds from vegetables that cross-pollinate, such as cucumber, squash, and melon. The seeds from these vegetables may grow into plants that are very different from the parent plant.

How to Harvest Pepper Seeds

For harvesting pepper seeds, allow the peppers to fully ripen on the stem. The pepper should start to wrinkle and brown. Cut open the pepper and remove the seeds. Allow the seeds to fully dry, and store them in a cool dry place.