• Garden Borders
  • Late Season Flowers
  • Containers & Planters


  • Big Showy Flowers
  • Cut Flower Arrangements
  • Attracts Pollinators


  • Full Sun
  • 6+ Hours of Direct Sun

Dahlia plants have big showy flowers in several colors that bloom from spring until late fall. Great for cut flower gardens, pollinators & container gardens!

Growing Dahlias

Dahlias grow from small tubers underground, and the stems sprout from the tubers. There are more than 40 species and dahlia, plus hundreds of hybrids to choose from to brighten any late summer garden. Dahlias are low maintenance annuals that bloom continuously from spring to late fall. Dahlias resist nearly all pests, but you might have to protect them from slugs.

The Best Way to Use Dahlias

Plant dahlia in large containers as a thriller. Use dahlias on your property in garden planters, mass plantings, and as low garden borders. Dahlia heights vary, but most grow to about 18 inches high and wide. The flowers grow in a number of forms, such as balls, orchid, or pompon styles. These are quick-growing annuals that eventually bush out.

Pull the plants up once they get hit by frost, chop off the stems a few inches above the tubers and wash them off, then dry in the sun. Store dry tubers in peat moss or sawdust and replant in spring after the last frost. Most dahlias are winter hardy to growing zones 8 to 11, and summer annuals in other zones. The plants prefer rich, well-drained soil and full sunlight.

  • Container thriller
  • Cut flowers
  • Typically 18 inches tall & wide
  • Growing zones 8 to 11 as perennials
  • Grown as annuals in colder regions
  • Dahlia Companion Plants

    Dahlias go well with other sun-loving plants, and can add color to a vegetable garden, container, or garden bed. Pick out lower growing annuals and perennials to complement dahlias.