About Us

Plant Addicts Inc. was founded in 2017 by Richard and Chris in Omaha, Nebraska. Richard and Chris have been friends since elementary school. And our wives Steph and Holly are lifelong friends as well. We started this company to be able to provide for our families while also helping the world be a better place by encouraging people to grow more plants.

Plant Addicts provides high quality plants & garden decor, direct from the nursery to our customer's homes. We are the go to place for hard to find plants & garden decor to help make your yards and gardens stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Our family business prides itself on giving exceptional customer service and plant care information. Our goal is the be the best online resource for plant care information online. You can find over 1,000 articles for trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, edible plants and houseplants in our Gardening Blog.

We hope you will consider purchasing our plants from our small business over a big-boxed store. We think that the quality of plants and the service we provide will encourage our customers to coming back for years!


Photo Taken December 2023


From left to right - Richard, Parker (new addition to the family!), Steph, Krew, Delilah, Holly, Lydia, Chris.  - taken in 2022


From left to right - Delilah, Chris, Holly, Lydia, Richard, Krew, Stephanie, and a new addition coming soon! - taken in 2021


Left side of photo - Chris, Holly, Lydia & Delilah. Right side of photo - Richard, Stephanie, Krew. Photo taken in 2020.


Left side of photo - Chris, Holly, Lydia. Right side of photo - Richard, Stephanie, Krew. Photo taken in 2019.


Left side of photo - Richard, Stephanie & Krew. Right side of photo -Chris, Holly & Lydia. Photo taken 2018.