• Flowering Hedges & Borders
  • Specimen Plants
  • Container Gardens


  • Unique Evergreen Foliage
  • Low Maintenance
  • Deer Resistant


  • Partial Shade to Full Sun
  • 4+ Hours of Direct Sun

Growing Zones:

Loropetalum are flowering evergreen shrubs that are popular in southern states. The unique dark foliage provides interest year round. In spring the plants have small flowers that contrast with the dark leaves beautifully. Grow these as flowering hedges and garden borders or even in planters.

Loropetalum Information

Loropetalum shrubs are in the witch-hazel family, known as Hamamelidaceae or Chinese fringe flower. These are evergreen shrubs that typically grow in zones 7 to 10a. The bushes bloom in spring with 4 to 6 small flower clusters that are usually pink and sometimes white.

These are native to China, Japan and south-eastern Asia, however they do very well in the southern United States as well. Plant these in foundation plants, landscape beds, or even in garden planters.

  • Flowering evergreen shrubs
  • Pink or white flowers
  • Growing zones 7 - 10
  • Perfect for garden planters
  • Native to China, Japan, Asia

Loropetalum Companion Plants

Plants that go well with loropetalum shrubs often have contrasting foliage colors of green or yellow. Some of our favorite plants to grow with loropetalum are nandina, ligustrum, elderberry, and ornamental grasses.