• Grow in Borders, Hanging Baskets, or Garden Beds
  • Colorful Container Filler
  • Partial Sun to Full Sun Bedding Plant


  • Continuous All Summer Blooms
  • Tiny Colorful Flowers Resembling Orchid Blooms
  • Easy Care Annual


  • Partial Sun to Full Sun
  • 4+ Hours of Direct Sun

Nemesia is an abundantly blooming addition to any container, garden bed, or border. The versatile little plant adds plenty of color to the landscape at about 10 to 18 inches high and wide.

Growing Nemesia

Nemesia is normally an annual that comes in colors ranging from white to deep purple. Many have two or more colors in some combination, like the bright yellow, orange and warm red of Proven Winners’ Sunsatia Blood Orange Nemesia. We sell five different nemesia hybrids. The plant prefers moist soil, but not long periods of overly damp soil, so choose a soil and container that drains well. Nemesia are continuous bloomers during the growing season, with no need to prune or deadhead.

The Best Way to Use Nemesia

Nemesia are so versatile they can add color to nearly any area of the landscape. Place nemesia in a container or hanging basket for front entry or patio color. Grow several nemesia plants together to form a border or ground cover. Nemesia can grow to about 1 foot high and wide. The plants prefer some moisture but in soil that drains well. Full sun to partial sunlight conditions produce the most flowers.

  • Container filler
  • Summer bedding plant
  • Available in 5-plus colors
  • Typically less than a foot high and slightly wider
  • Growing zones 8 to 10 as perennial, cooler zones as summer annual
  • Nemesia Companion Plants

    Nemesia thrive in hanging baskets and containers. Their low, colorful growth goes well with ornamental grasses and taller flowering plants. Try any of these plants paired with nemesia: