Sweet Potato Vines


  • Colorful Foliage For Containers
  • Container Filler & Spiller
  • Groundcover


  • Beautiful Foliage Interest
  • Mounding Growth With Long, Trailing Stems
  • Edible Tubers if Desired


  • Partial Sun to Full Sun
  • 4+ Hours of Direct Sun Per Day

Grow sweet potato vines, a relative of edible sweet potatoes, for its beautiful foliage and trailing habit to brighten garden beds, containers, and hanging baskets.

Growing Sweet Potato Vines

Lend a tropical feel to a landscape or patio with this trailing vine. Sweet potato vine comes in several foliage colors, including bright green (chartreuse) and deep, nearly black purple. With tolerance of full sun or partial sun and no flowers to deadhead, this is an excellent way to fill a container or bed with all-season color. Although the tubers are edible, they aren’t tasty or meant for that purpose, and the leaves can be toxic.

Sweet potato vine is one of the easiest ways to add spiller color to containers and hanging baskets or cover the ground in summer in a bare area. The vines typically come in greens, golds, red, browns and dark purples. We sell those colors, plus a tricolor, or variegated variety.

The Best Way to Use Sweet Potato Vines

Grow sweet potato vines on balconies, patios, front porches, in window boxes or in hanging baskets for best effect. Most sweet potato vines are winter hardy in growing zone 11, and summer annuals in others.

The plants can grow from about 10 to 16 inches high and trail or spread up to 4-plus feet The growth habit is mounding with trailing stems. The plants prefer average water and at least part sun conditions.

  • Grow as a brilliant foliage container spiller
  • Place the vine near a trellis to grow up and wind around the structure
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Typically about 10-16 inches tall and trail up to 6-10 feet
  • Growing zone 11, annual in other zones
  • Sweet Potato Vines Companion Plants

    Plants that go well with Sweet Potato Vine in containers or garden beds thrive in full to partial sun and grow flowers or foliage in contrasting colors. Here are our favorite plants to grow with sweet potato vines.