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Coral Bells

Why Buy Coral Bells Online?

Coral Bells are part of the Heuchera genus of perennial plants native to North America. These plants are often hybrid with other plants. The plants are valued due to the foliage which can be green, orange, brown, lime, purple, black or red. The plants also have flowers that grow on tall stems above the leaves and foliage. Also known as alumroot.

The Best Way To Use Coral Bells

Most gardeners use these plants in shade gardens to provide fantastic foliage color and flowers throughout the year. Grow these in an area that doesn’t get more than 4 hours of direct sunlight. You can also grow these in garden planters as long as the location doesn’t receive too much direct sunlight. These plants are winter hardy in growing zones 4 to 9. 

  • Very popular for shaded areas

  • Foliage colors include green, orange, brown, lime, purple, black or red

  • 8 to 16 inches tall

  • Up to 3 feet wide

  • Growing zones 4 to 9