• Mixed Containers
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Groundcovers


  • Fast Growing
  • Flowers From Spring to Fall
  • Re-Blooming


  • Partial Sun to Full Sun
  • 5+ Hours of Direct Sun
  • East, West or South Sides of Homes

Bacopa is beautiful for ground cover but is mostly used as a spiller in containers where its bloom covered stems cascade over the sides of the pot.

Growing Bacopa

Bacopa (Sutera cordata) is an annual plant that blooms from spring to fall. Originating from the rainier parts of South Africa, Bacopa is not in the genus Bacopa at all, but in the genus Sutera. Commonly referred to as Sutera, it has small, white, blue, or pink five-petaled flowers, and green foliage. Usually purchased in containers, Bacopa flowers can be grown from seeds. Bacopa is a great plant choice because it is easy to care for, self-cleaning, disease resistant, and combines well with other plants.

The Best Way To Use Bacopa

Whether you use Bacopa as a sprawling ground cover or as a trailing accent in a container or hanging basket, this plant works well with many other plants. This easy-to-care for flower grows hardy in zones 9-11. Preferring rich, good draining soil and sun to partial shade, Bacopa can grow 3 to 12 inches tall, 10 to 36 inches wide, and cascade up to 4 feet long. With blooms from spring to frost, butterflies hovering around are an added bonus.

  • Groundcover
  • Container spiller
  • Available with blue, pink & white flowers
  • Typically 4 to 8 inches tall
  • Winter hardy in zones 9 to 11