How to Care for Your New Plant

Your plants just arrived in the mail! Please make sure to follow these steps immediately after the package is delivered. You've unpacked them and can't believe how great your new plants look. You're next question is...what do I do now? Depending on the time of the year & transit time your plants may be a little stressed. The plants are used to soaking up sun rays and being watered a couple times a day while hanging out at the nursery with all their other plant friends. If this is the case do not worry, plants are very resilient. With some watering and TLC, the plants will look as good as they did in the nursery before shipping.  


Step 1 - Carefully remove the plants from the boxes and packaging around the plants

This is that fun stage where you have the plant, but haven't committed to where the plant will be planted or you haven't had the time to plant yet. If you haven't already done so, make sure you have removed plastic and paper from around the container.


Step 2 - Water and provide sunlight immediately after the package arrives.

During this time you want to make sure to keep the roots moist but do not over water. Keep the plants in a place where it will receive some sunlight during the day but not too much direct sunlight. If it's extremely hot or cold please keep that in mind as your plants have not been established yet. In these situations where the weather is extreme, to store the plants indoors to help get them acclimated. It can be inside next to a sunny window, or even in the garage during the hottest or coldest time of the day.


Step 3 - Put a plan together to put the plants in the ground (or planter)

We've put together these instructions for best results when planting. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or run into any problems and we are happy to help. We want your plants to be healthy, thrive and grow into beautiful looking plants!