Camellia Care

Planting Camellia

Planting camellias is not too difficult and should be planted like any other plant. Follow the link to find more detailed instructions on how to plant these for successful healthy plants that will thrive for years to come!


Watering Camellia

The best way to water camellia is to water the plants twice a week. Each time you water should be a deep soak, where the ground is able to soak up as much water as possible. This is a better strategy than watering more often, as the roots cannot handle soil that is constantly wet. If too much water is around, and the ground does not drain well enough, then the roots can rot and kill the plants.

Fertilizing Camellia

Fertilize once a year with a slow release fertilizer such as Espoma Holly Tone which is designed for acid loving plants. Too much fertilizer and you won’t get any blooms.

Pruning Camellias

The number 1 reason why you should prune a camellia to help the health of the plant. Removing dead or sick parts of the plant including leaves and branches can help the overall health of the plant tremendously. It also helps prevent die back. you may also prune camellias to help with the shape of the plants, and to encourage more blooms. The best time to prune is when the plant is done flowering for the season, typically in May or June.


Growing Camellias in Pots

More information coming soon on how to grow camellias in pots. 

Common Camellia Care Questions

Do Camellias Prefer Sun Or Shade?

A majority of camellias prefer part- to full-shade, with protection from late morning and afternoon sun, although there are varieties that can tolerate a bit more sun. Camellias are also not fans of harsh winter conditions, so be sure to plant them somewhere that offers protection. 

Why Is My Camellia Dropping Its Leaves?

A camellia dropping leaves may be doing so because they're being scalded by too much sunlight, large temperature swings, soil with poor drainage, or a nutritional deficiency (or over-fertilization.) 

Do Camellias Bloom In Full Shade?

Camellias planted in full shade will generally not grow, or bloom, well. Planting in an area where they receive dappled sunlight, or protection from late morning and afternoon sun will allow the camellia optimal sunlight to throw many blooms.

Why Are The Leaves On My Camellia Turning Yellow?

Yellowed leaves on a camellia can be caused by too much sunlight bleaching the color out of them, roots that are soggy and waterlogged, soil that is too alkaline for it, or it may just need to be fed. 

What Is The Growth Rate For Camellia?

Most varieties of camellias are slow growers, growing less than a foot annually. 

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