Switch Grass


  • Rain Gardens
  • Meadows & Prairies
  • Livestock Grazing
  • Erosion Control


  • Fine Texture
  • Airy Seedbeds & Fall color
  • Low Maintenance & Adaptable
  • Attracts Birds


  • Partial Shade to Full Sun
  • At Least 4 Hours of Direct Sunlight

Growing Zones:

Switch grass, also known as Panicum virgatum, is a medium-sized native grass with several wonderful attributes. It is highly adaptable to a wide range of sites including poor soil, clay, and sand. Its flower plumes appear in mid-summer and mature to airy, reddish-purple seedheads. The fine-textured foliage helps soften landscapes and comes in several colors including blue-green, red-tipped, and bright green. This grass can be used in erosion control, rain gardens, container gardens, and pasture for livestock.