Maiden Grass


  • Mixed Shrub Border
  • Meadows
  • Privacy Screen
  • Cut-Flower Arrangements


  • Fine Texture & Fluffy Plumes
  • Adds Height
  • Low Maintenance & Adaptable
  • Arching Vase Form


  • Partial Shade to Full Sun
  • At Least 4 Hours of Direct Sunlight

Growing Zones:

Maiden grass, also known as Miscanthus, is a large, warm-season grass that can reach 7 feet tall. It sends up light pink flower plumes in late summer, which dry to fluffy tan seed heads and are wonderful in flower arrangements. This grass provides height and fine texture, making it a perfect grass for creating privacy screens or a backdrop for perennial gardens. The dwarf varieties will grow happily in containers with flowering annuals and perennials.