Freelance Content Marketing Coordinator

Plant Addicts seeks to hire a part-time content marketing coordinator to create & upload articles written by 3rd party garden writers. This person needs to have excellent plant care knowledge and also know how to crop and resize images to load within the articles. This person should also know basic HTML and online content best practices.

Main Job Requirements

  1. Upload text, images, lists, charts, videos and other content. Format articles to look professional, and to be easily read by users. In some cases, images will be provided. In other cases, the person will need to find relevant images to use for the articles.
  2. Optimize articles for SEO to include correct keywords, H1 and H2 tags, meta title, & meta description.
  3. Add keyword-rich internal links to other blog posts and category pages.
  4. Coordinate with garden writers to assign new topics and deadlines for submitting articles.
  5. Add code for Amazon Affiliate links.
  6. Coordinate with the Social Media team to post new articles on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter.
  7. Research keywords for new article topics.

Required Skills

Advanced plant care knowledge

Cropping & resizing images

Strong writing, editing, and proofreading skills

Strong organizational skills

Additional Beneficial Skills

Basic SEO knowledge

Basic HTML

Master Gardener or similar certification

Social media marketing

Job Expectations

This is a contracted part-time, work from home position with flexible hours. A computer will not be provided.

To apply, email resumes to:


About Plant Addicts

Plant Addicts was started in 2017 to help gardeners find plants that may be difficult and inconvenient to find locally and complete their gardens and landscapes with outdoor decor. We pride ourselves on our customer service, plant care advice and product selection. Our family-owned business continues to grow, and we are currently looking for more plant enthusiasts to join our team.

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