New Gardening Trends 2022

New Gardening Trends 2022

Feb 01, 2022

Trends come and go fairly quickly in the fashion and design worlds, but in gardening, they are a bit more slow and steady. A new idea will emerge, be tested with the plodding practicalities of the gardener and fail or thrive. It is as simple as that. If you crave for a consumerist society that is a bit less hectic, take up gardening. We welcome you.

Test out a few yourself, but by all means, just grow something. Green up your space, whether it be a tiny cell of an apartment, a lovely little bungalow or standard suburban tract home.

1. Trash Pots

This isn't particularly a trend, but friendly way to save on potting soil. You can also recycle your trash by using it as a potting mix.

2. Hydroponics and Mason Jars

Yes, the two trends have met and we now have the hydroponic mason jar. Modern Sprout is a kick starter business that makes adorable little jars like the one below, but also plug-in countertop hydroponic gardens.

Curious how it works? They do a better job of explaining over at modern sprout, but very basically, the planter is self watering and sustains itself via timed pumps.

Here is the larger planter system:

4. Dish Gardens and Terrariums

Grow anything indoors, anytime with these fun little gardens.

5. Baker's Twine Meets Garden Twine

Baker's twine has been trendy for awhile now in craft circles and now it is getting thicker. Now we are not going to be using this pretty, expensive twine for all garden staking, but we will be using it where it is visible in the garden.

6. Moss

Moss is both loved and hated in gardening circles. Actually, it is fairly hated in gardening circles, but everyone else loves it. There is something romantic and Irish about little stands of moss, as if fairies had decided to make camp under the pin trees and grew moss colonies to live amongst. The gardener might see it as a weed encroaching upon the well planned perennial garden.

Other trends in the garden world? Those hanging air plants, pallet gardens, cabbage as decorative plantings in fall . 

Have you noticed any garden trends picking up steam lately?

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Author Chris Link - Published 1-31-2022