Border Plants

Some people call these foundation plants, because they are traditionally used to cover or soften your house's foundation. Whatever you call them, though, you can count on them to beautify your landscape year-round. These are plants that you can mix and match - colors, shapes, sizes - to fill in the spaces between other landscape elements. Generally speaking, the border plants on these pages are going to be shorter than 5 feet and grow with a naturally appealing shape.

The spaces in your landscape that can be filled by these border plants provide the perfect opportunity to explore your favorite plants (hydrangeas, anyone?!) or to experiment with something new and compelling, like a dwarf birch or tiny pomegranate. You'll find lots of interesting choices available on our website, as you plan your landscape, be sure to note some eye-catching evergreens: the most successful borders or foundation plants provide a mix of foliage and flowering plants for a dynamic display every day, no matter what the season.

Best Shrubs For Border Plants

-Information provided by Proven Winners® ColorChoice®