Alison Cotsonas

About Alison

Alison is a writer who specializes in website content and search engine optimization. She has worked in content creation for several industry-leading websites covering various topics, from consumer electronics to houseplants. An early appreciation for plants has led to a lifelong interest and hobby she continues learning more about. She has a broad knowledge base and is a top contributor to articles on Plant Addicts.


Education and Certifications

Bachelor of Arts in Communications - Lemoyne College in New York


Favorite Plants

Hydrangeas are Alison’s favorite outdoor plant because of their full, leafy form and large flower clusters. The blooms also make lovely cut flowers, so when in season, there are usually some hydrangeas in a vase at her desk. Alison’s favorite houseplant is any variety of pothos. The long stems look stunning trailing from a high shelf, and the plant is easy to grow.

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