Katie Endicott

About Katie

Katie has been writing for Plant Addicts since 2021. She is an avid ornamental and edible gardener and house plant enthusiast. As a former farmer and greenhouse industry professional in the Northeast, Katie incorporates her personal and professional experience into her writing on plants. She loves learning about and sharing best practices for healthy and thriving plants! 


Education and Certifications

Masters of Sustainable Development - SIT Graduate Institute, Brattleboro, Vermont

Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology & French - Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA


Favorite Plants

Some of Katie’s favorite plant categories include heuchera, sedums, and monstera. She loves heuchera, or Coral Bells for their winter hardiness, versatility, and how they bring color and texture to any landscape. Sedums are another favorite for their winter hardiness but also for their unique colors, shapes, and textures. Katie has loved Monsteras for their lush and stylish foliage and has had a mother plant for over 20 years!

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