Lauren Youngcourt

About Lauren Youngcourt

Lauren has been fascinated by plants her entire life, having been given a wildflower field guide at a young age. Lauren soon began collecting plants in her own garden, and eventually pursued a college education in horticulture. Currently, Lauren manages a small produce and cut flower farm in Northeast Pennsylvania, where she grew up. She has worked in the horticulture industry in a variety of ways, from floral design to soil research. Lauren is most passionate about sustainable landscaping and biodiversity, having been active with local native plant societies and community gardens.  She loves advocating for land stewardship and plant conservation while sharing her love of plants with everyone she meets. 


Education and Certifications

Bachelor of Sciences, Plant Sciences - Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA


Favorite Plants

Phlox is such a diverse genus of plants, ranging from low-growing groundcovers like Phlox subulata to tall, erect perennials like Phlox paniculata.  Bee balm lives up to its name, proving to be an essential addition to any pollinator garden. Its clusters of tubular flowers look like little fireworks, attracting pollinating insects and hummingbirds alike. False indigo is another favorite, bringing year-round interest to landscapes. Graceful racemes of flowers in spring give way to rattle-like seed pods in fall and winter. It is always so interesting to watch bumblebees pry open the petals to obtain nectar.

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