Suellen Barnes

About Suellen Barnes

Suellen is a freelance writer who thrives while working outside in her cut-flower gardens on her farm in Carroll County, Maryland. Before settling in Maryland as an adult, Suellen developed a love for plants during her childhood. She quickly learned about plant diversity while living in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Texas, and Virginia. Additionally, she developed an immense appreciation for the pleasure plants provide people and their many environmental benefits.


Education and Certifications

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology - Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.


Favorite Plants

Since I am a cut-flower farmer, two traditional show-stoppers are favorites: roses and dahlias! Stalwart, emerald rose shrubs adorned with delicate bundles of fragrant petals instantly add class to garden beds and containers. Rose stems, loosely assembled into bouquets alone or with other flowers such as coral bells, daylilies, hydrangea, snapdragons, verbena, and salvia, add color and perfume to homes and offices. Dahlias are another superb choice for adding brilliant blasts of bold color to garden beds and bouquets. Next, in third place? Deviating from my obvious cut-flower choices comes the tried-and-true peperomia, which offers year-round verdant pleasure. You can’t go wrong with a peperomia; being easy to care for and low maintenance, it won’t let you. Finally, in last place, but certainly not a loser, comes herb plants. Whether you want to add color, texture, fragrance, or flavor to window sills, gardens, or culinary dishes, mastering the cultivation of herbs opens the door to adding pleasure throughout your daily life.  

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