Banana Water for Plants

Potential Benefits of Banana Water 

Banana peels contain potassium, which is one of the macronutrients necessary for plant health. Potassium supports photosynthesis, root growth, and flowering. The peels also contain the essential nutrients calcium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus. 

The idea behind banana water is that soaking the peels extracts these nutrients and creates an organic fertilizer. Many gardeners anecdotally swear by its efficacy on their crops and flowers, and the process is free and easy, making use of a typically discarded item.


How to Make Banana Water for Plants 

Several recipes for making banana water are available online, but the most popular involve soaking the peels in water for 2-3 days, until the peels begin to darken and acquire a strong odor. Strain the mixture and use the water directly on plants. 

You can also boil the peels in water for about 30 minutes to release the nutrients more quickly. Allow the mixture to cool, and strain out any solids before applying the water to plants. You may want to dilute the boiled banana water in five parts water because it is more concentrated than the soaked banana peels. 


How to Use Banana Water on Plants 

Pour the water around the base of the plant, so it reaches the roots. You can use the water on both indoor and outdoor plants, but be aware that the sugars in the water may attract fruit flies 

Drawbacks of Banana Water

The problem with this method is that soaking the banana peel does not release nutrients in a usable form to plants. The nutrients need to be broken down by microorganisms in the soil, like the process of making compost. There is little scientific evidence that banana water will benefit plants. Plus, banana peels can contain a high level of synthetic pesticides that may contaminate the banana water and your plants.  

Should You Try Banana Water?

Banana Water is worth a try and is unlikely to hurt your plants, especially if you use the peels from organic bananas, free of pesticides. However, it is not a balanced source of plant nutrition, so your plants may lack important nutrients even after using the banana water. 


Alternatives to Banana Water

A better source of balanced nutrition is compost or compost tea. Microorganisms break down the organic material in compost into nutrients the plant can absorb. The only caveat is the compost has to be completely decomposed for the nutrients to be available. Compost benefits the plant in other ways too like bulking up the soil so oxygen and water can move more easily through the spaces around the root system.