Deutzia Care

Growing Deutzia

Deutzia is a spring or summer-blooming shrub that produces a dazzling floral display. Its dainty, bell-shaped flowers grow in clusters in shades of white or pink. The shrub blooms for a couple of weeks and attracts pollinators during the bloom period. Pointed foliage has toothed edges and is dense and full, providing a lovely backdrop to the flowers. The foliage stays in place for the entire growing season, offering dependable color and texture to a landscape. 

Deutzia is versatile and can be a ground cover or hedge, depending on the variety. Native to Asia, this shrub is easy to grow once established and requires little care. Grow Deutzia as a perennial in zones 5 through 8.


Planting Deutzia

Plant Deutzia in the spring or fall when the temperatures are not extremely warm or cold. Select a planting site in full to partial sun and with moist, well-drained soil. Shrubs bloom more prolifically in full sun. Dig a hole as deep as the root ball and loosen the edges to allow the roots to grow outward. Position the root ball so the top is even with the soil line and fill in the hole, firmly pressing the soil into place.

Watering Deutzia

Keep the soil evenly moist. Deutzia likes moisture but not soggy conditions. Give the shrub water when the top few inches of soil are dry. Established plants can handle some dryness, but appreciate water during an extended dry spell.

Fertilizing Deutzia

Apply a balanced fertilizer in the spring. Deutzia shrubs are not heavy feeders, but an annual dose of fertilizer encourages growth. Use a slow-release product so the plant will receive gentle, continued feeding. Spread a layer of organic compost to keep the area tidy and provide additional nutrition.


Pruning Deutzia

Prune Deutzia when flowering is complete. Deutzia blooms on old wood, so avoid pruning in the spring. Trim the growth by one-third and create a rounded shape to encourage a full and bushy form. Old, overgrown plants benefit from a rejuvenating trim in early spring. The plant will not bloom as much immediately afterward but will bounce back with time.

Caring For Deutzia in Pots

Deutzia makes a lovely container plant. Drainage is vital, so choose a container with drainage holes. Use moist, well-drained soil with increased organic content. Water when the top couple of inches of potting soil are dry. Potted plants dry out more quickly than those in the ground, so monitor the soil frequently for dryness, depending on rainfall and temperature. Repot each spring when the shrub shows signs of being rootbound.


Winter Care For Deutzia

Deutzia is a deciduous shrub. Winter care consists of removing dead or damaged growth and spreading a layer of organic mulch around the base of the plant in the fall. This shrub is relatively hands-off and does not require much care. Inspect the plant in late winter or early spring, remove broken branches, fertilize, and wait for the flowers to bloom.