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Guide: How to Care for Your New Plant

Your plants just arrived in the mail! You've unpacked them and can't believe how great your new plants look. You're next question is...what do I do now? We say call your friends and neighbors to let them know how great your new plants look but out best advice is to follow these 4 easy steps.

Step 1 - Caring for Your Plants After Unpacking

Depending on the time of the year & transit time your plants may be a little stressed. They're use to soaking up those sun rays and being watered a couple times a day while hanging out at the nursery with all their other plant friends. If this is the case do not worry, plants are very resilient. With some watering and TLC (Tender Loving Care) in a couple days your plants will look as good as they did on the nursery a couple days earlier.  

Knock Out Rose In Nursery

Step 2 - Caring for Your Plants Between Unpacking & Planting

This is that fun stage where you have the plant but haven't committed to where the plant will be planted or you haven't had the time to plant yet. If you haven't already done so make sure you have removed plastic around the container. During this time you want to make sure to keep the roots moist but do not over water. Keep the plant in a place where it will receive some sun during the day but not too much. If it's extremely hot or cold please keep that in mind as your plants have not been established yet. We suggest in these types of situations to store indoors which can even be your garage as long as the temps don't get extreme one way or the other. 

 Step 3 - Finding That Perfect Place to Plant 

Next is picking out that perfect place in your yard. You've been thinking about this for days, weeks or even months and now you're at the point of no're going to start digging holes in your yard! When digging your future plants' home make sure the depth of the hole will be even with the soil level on the plant when planted. After planting your plant it is going to be best to drench not only the plant but the surrounding ground. If you have fertilizer now is also a good time to apply. Fertilizer is going to help your plant establish itself in this transition period. 

Step 4 - Caring for Your Plants After Planting and Watching Them Grow

Your plant has just been transplanted into its new home. Like any plant this can sometimes come as a bit of a shock to the plant. It has been used to growing in its container for so long and now it has a whole new environment to adapt to and understand. The plant may look a little sluggish at first but we just suggest keeping a close eye on the plant while it is being established. Like we mentioned earlier plants are very resilient and if they show signs of shock it should rebound fairly quick. 


For even more detailed information on how to care for; and plant your container grown plant(s) check out this guide put together by the University of Minnesota Extension. Please note the plant(s) from Plant Addicts are container grown which is referenced that way in the provided link.