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Ozark Beauty Strawberry

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  • Produces Berries Late Spring, Summer & Fall
  • 8-12 Inches Tall
  • 12 Inches Wide
  • Plant in Full Sun

Ozark Beauty Strawberry (Fragaria) is a favorite everbearing variety of strawberry. Everbearing means the plant produces a few fruit crops, typically in late spring, summer, and again in fall. This lengthens the time in which you can pick juicy snacking berries to several months of the year. The plant is attractive, cold-hardy and grows well in containers.

Ozark Beauty fruit is ideal for making jams or desserts. To ensure plenty of fruit, it helps to have more than one plant. Harvest berries early in the morning when possible.

Ozark Beauty Strawberry Care

Plant Ozark Beauty Strawberry as soon as the soil has thawed in spring. Space the plants 6 to 18 inches apart and be sure to leave the crown of the plant just above the soil line, not buried. Although the plant is cold hardy to zone 4 and will come back the next spring, the flowers are sensitive to frost, so they should be protected with straw or a frost blanket until evening temperatures warm. Strawberry plants produce runners to spread and start more plants. It is best to limit the number of runners to no more than 3 per plant so that more energy goes into making berries.

Growing Ozark Beauty Strawberry Plants

Ozark Beauty Strawberry will produce fruit the first year, but fruits might be smaller than they will be in later years, so be patient. Strawberries prefer full sun and slightly acidic soil that has lots of nutrients and drains well. Adding organic compost or aged manure to the soil should improve strawberry plant health. Strawberries need some afternoon shade in hot regions (zone 8 and above).

When growing Ozark Beauty in a container, give the plant plenty of space to grow and mulch the top of the soil with some straw. They grow fine in a multipurpose potting mix. Water slowly but whenever the soil under the straw feels dry an inch or so down.

Watering Ozark Beauty Strawberries

Strawberries need plenty of water to produce juicy berries, so they need consistent deep watering, such as from a soaker hose or drip system. It is best not to get the leaves wet. Mulching around the plants helps retain some moisture.

Feeding Ozark Beauty Strawberries

Adding compost or aged manure to a container or garden bed can help keep strawberries healthy. Everbearing strawberries benefit from regular light fertilizing with a balanced fruit and vegetable produce in spring and summer since they bear fruit nearly continuously.

Plant Facts

Common Name: Ozark Beauty Strawberry
Botanical Name: Fragaria ananassa
Plant Type: Strawberry – Everbearing
Edible Type: Fruit
Fruit Size: 1-2 inches
Light Exposure: Full Sun (+6 hrs.)
Spacing: 12 - 24" (30 - 61cm)
Height: 12" (30cm)
Width: 12 - 24" (30 - 61cm)
Brand: BURPEE®

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