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Plant Claim

We're sorry to hear about the condition of your plants and will try to make this as easy as possible

  • Fill out the form below
  • Provide a couple pictures
  • Provide any details on what's going on with the plant
  • Note: If a 1-year warranty claim, try doing the scratch test first

Click Here for more information on claim & warranty details.

Claim Type

Plant Addicts Guarentee
* Notfication *

  • Included with all purchases
  • Arrived not in great shape but may survive
  • Automatically adds 30 day warranty

Plant Addicts Guarentee
* Claim *

  • Included with all purchases
  • Plants arrived dead
  • Really bad condition & not expected to survive

1-Year Warranty
* Claim *

  • Additional purchase at time of checkout
  • Covers the plant from dying for any reason

Providing Pictures
  • Provide a couple differnt pictures
  • Take pictures from differnt angles if needed
  • Make sure the issue is clear in the pictures
  • Provide blury pictures
  • Take just one arieal picture

Please fill out the form below to submit a plant claim.

Note: Use the paperclip icon to attach pictures.

Plant Claim