Are Impatiens Poisonous?

Plants add style and set the tone for an outdoor space. Impatiens are a popular flowering plant that thrives in partial shade and makes beautiful additions to beds, borders, or planters. Glossy greenery and brilliant flowers help Impatiens stand out, but safety is always a concern whenever plants are in a space that children and pets can access. Many gardeners may wonder if Impatiens are poisonous, and the answer is no.

Impatiens are not toxic, but the plant does have a bitter taste and may cause an upset stomach. It is safe to include Impatiens in your landscape, but you should still be cautious if you have curious kids or pets.

Are Impatiens Poisonous to Children?

Impatiens are not poisonous to children. This plant is slightly toxic, which means that it is not fatal if consumed, but the child may experience vomiting and diarrhea. Touching Impatiens is not a problem, but ingesting the plant can cause intestinal ailments. The plant has a bitter taste that should hopefully be a deterrent, but it is best to be mindful when planting Impatiens in areas children can access.

Are Impatiens Poisonous to Dogs?

Impatiens are non-toxic to dogs. Eating any part of the plant can cause an upset stomach, so the dog may throw up or experience diarrhea. The plant has a bitter taste, hopefully discouraging your furry friend from eating the plant. Ingesting Impatiens is not fatal; however, it can be very unpleasant, so be aware when including Impatiens in your landscape if you have pets.

Are Impatiens Poisonous to Cats?

Consuming Impatiens can cause a cat to fall ill, but it is not fatal. Impatiens are non-toxic and are not poisonous to cats. The plant tastes bitter, so that should be reason enough for your feline friend not to eat the plant, but if your cat eats Impatiens, they will experience an upset stomach and possibly vomiting or diarrhea.

Are Impatiens Poisonous to Other Animals?

Impatiens are not poisonous to animals. The plant is non-toxic; however, it can make an animal sick. An animal that eats Impatiens may throw up or have diarrhea. The experience is not pleasant, but it is also not fatal. Use caution when planting Impatiens in areas your animals can access.

Symptoms Of Impatiens Poisoning

Inspect your plants if you notice your children or animals are ill. Ripped and torn leaves or missing sections can indicate that part of the plant was eaten.

Always check with your doctor or veterinarian for guidance if you suspect Impatiens poisoning. 

Here are some common symptoms to look out for:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Preventing Impatiens Poisoning

While Impatiens are not poisonous, eating any part of the plant can cause an adverse reaction, so it is best to take care when including this plant in your landscape or living space. If possible, try to feature Impatiens in areas not accessible to kids or pets. Impatiens look stunning in hanging baskets and placing them up high, and out of reach can effectively safeguard children and animals. Another option would be to feature the plants in your front yard if your pets only have access to the backyard. 

Pet Poison Helpline

If something were to happen to your furry friend, and you suspect that they are suffering from Impatiens poisoning, there is a poison control hotline to call for 24/7 vet advice. It is called the Pet Poison Hotline, and their phone number is (855) 764-7661.

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