Chris Link

Chris Link is the co-founder of Plant Addicts and has been in the gardening industry for over 10 years. Growing up, his mother tried to teach him about gardening but he wasn't interested at the time. Funny how things work like that. When Chris first started his gardening journey, he got very frustrated after killing most plants (especially houseplants). But after several years of reading, researching and trial and error, he is finally able to keep most of his plants alive, which is much more enjoyable. Now Chris really enjoys gardening with his two young daughters, who currently like playing in the dirt and helping dad pull weeds.

Education and Certifications

Bachelor of Science, College of Business & Technology - University of Nebraska at Kearney


Favorite Plants

Hydrangeas are near and dear to my heart because that is the plant Plant Addicts started with. Sedums are some of my absolute favorite plants because they are easy to care for, spread (but aren't invasive), and look good all year, even in the winter. Rosemary is my favorite herb because I like to grill steaks with it. I just wish I could grow it indoors better. I also really like Coral Bells as a more unique alternative to hostas in shade gardens. My favorite houseplants are snake plants because they are so easy to grow and can survive in low sunlight areas in the house.

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