Martha Swiss

Martha Swiss is a garden writer and designer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a regular contributor to Pennsylvania Gardener Magazine and her articles have also appeared in The American Gardener, GROW (the magazine of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society), Fine Gardening, Pittsburgh Magazine, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and publications of the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden.

A graduate of Chatham University’s landscape design program and a Master Gardener, Martha helps clients envision landscapes for their properties that are useful and easy to care for while providing beauty and support for pollinators, birds, and other wildlife. Martha teaches classes on a range of topics and is especially interested in trees and shrubs, native plants, edible gardening, pruning, and garden design. She tends a one-acre garden that has been photographed for Organic Gardening, The Cottage Journal, Hobby Farms Magazine, and Pennsylvania Gardener Magazine.

Articles Written By Martha Swiss:

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