Care of Cut Roses

Based on fossil evidence, the rose has existed for over 35 million years. According to legends and myths, bouquets of roses have been a symbol of love for many centuries. In Greek mythology, the belief is that the red rose was created by Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. Venus took over in Roman mythology and the rose symbolized desire and secrecy. In Christianity, the rose became the symbol of the Virgin Mary, representing faith and love. Even now, the rose is used as a symbol of romance and courtship between loving partners. 


How Long Do Cut Roses Last?

In most cases, cut roses placed in a vase should last one week, possibly longer based on care. The life of a cut rose can depend on the type of rose, how long it went without water, and how healthy the rose plant was. Following these simple tips can extend the life of your cut roses. 


Tips for Longer Lasting Cut Roses

Vase or Container - Use a completely clean vase or container. Dirty vases can contain bacteria and cause the roses to deteriorate and wilt. Thoroughly clean the vase with a little bit of bleach or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Rinse well after the cleaning.

Prepare the Roses - Trim the ends of the stems one inch up. Trim the stems at a slight angle while under water. Remove any leaves that will be submerged in water. Wet leaves will decay and house bacteria. Each time you change out the water, repeat this process. Remember the bottom of the stems will naturally seal, so recutting helps water flow up the stems and extends the life of the flowers.

Location - Keep the roses in a cool spot in your home and away from direct sunlight. The cooler the better, usually 55-65 degrees. Refrain from placing the vase near heating or air vents.

Water - Change the water in the vase regularly-- every other day if possible. Stale water can cause bacteria growth. Never use hard or softened water. Both contain minerals that are harmful to cut flowers. Instead, use bottled drinking water.

Feeding - Most bouquets come with a packet of flower food. Be sure to add that to the water. Other alternatives for food are adding one tablespoon of sugar to the water, add two ounces of mouthwash per gallon of water, or add lemon-lime soda to the water.


Rose Color Meaning

Red - love

Yellow - friendship and cheer

Yellow Roses with Red Tips - falling in love

Pink - grace and elegance

Blue - mystery and intrigue

Peach - modesty, sincerity, and gratitude

Orange - enthusiasm and passion

Salmon - excitement and enthusiasm

Cream - charm and thoughtfulness

Lavender - love at first sight

Dark Purple - royalty

Dark Pink - gratitude and appreciation

Burgundy - unconscious beauty

Green - constant rejuvenation of spirit

Mint - cheerfulness and new beginnings

Black - rebirth and new beginnings

Red and White - symbolizes unity

Coral - desire

White - Usually associated with marriage and spirituality, they actually mean "a heart unacquainted with love."

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Author Chris Link - Published 02-12-2021