Fertilizing Euphorbia

The Euphorbia genus is broad, and while these plants differ, they have similar care requirements. Euphorbias are not heavy feeders, but fertilization helps plants grow, especially potted plants. Most Euphorbia plants do well in a rich potting mix with high organic content. Routine doses of fertilizer are also helpful, especially as the nutritional content in the potting mix is depleted. 


Why Fertilize Euphorbia

Potted plants have limited access to nutrients and depend on people to repot them in rich soil and apply fertilizer. Fertilization provides the nutrients the plants receive in nature but miss out on by living indoors. Routine fertilization of Euphorbia allows the plants to grow consistently and encourages blooming. Most Euphorbia varieties bloom, but plants only set flowers when nutrients, water, and sunlight are available. Fertilizing Euphorbia plants keeps them healthy and growing.

How Often To Fertilize Euphorbia

Euphorbias grown in rich potting soil do not need fertilizer, but they will benefit from a boost in nutrition. Many species do best when fertilized every four weeks during the growing season. Dormant plants do not actively grow and do not need fertilizer. Outdoor plants in the ground only need a layer of compost in the spring to thrive, but potted plants appreciate regular feedings with liquid fertilizer.

How To Tell If Euphorbia Needs Fertilizer

Slowed growth is often a sign that Euphorbia needs fertilizer. These plants typically grow quickly, so if you notice your plant has slowed down and doesn’t appear to be root-bound, consider fertilizing.

Yellowing on the lower leaves is another indicator that the plant needs fertilizer. Foliage turning yellow can also be a sign of an over- or under-watering, so feel the soil and inspect the plant for pests and diseases to ensure there isn’t another issue at play. If everything looks good, then a lack of fertilizer is likely the cause. Remove the yellow foliage and feed the plant. 

Best Fertilizer For Euphorbia

Fertilize potted Euphorbias using a water-soluble plant food formulated for succulents or cacti. These plants are not heavy feeders and do not require a lot of nutrition, so a specially formulated mix gives this succulent what it needs. Follow the instructions to ensure proper application. Overfeeding a plant can be harmful and hinder growth, so follow the label and err on the side of underfeeding.

Euphorbia Fertilizing Tips

Euphorbia plants are not heavy feeders, but giving potted plants a rich potting mix and regular feedings keeps them healthy and growing. Use a fertilizer designed for succulents or cacti and apply monthly during the growing season. Do not feed dormant Euphorbia plants.

  • Use a plant food formulated for succulents or cacti and follow the instructions on the packaging.
  • Apply fertilizer to potted plants every four weeks during the growing season.
  • Do not fertilize dormant plants.


-Always wear protective gloves and a face mask when handling chemical fertilizers.

-Closely follow all directions and storage guidelines that are on the fertilizer label.

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