Growing Bromeliads Outdoors

Bromeliads thrive in USDA zones 9-12, where they will grow happily outdoors year round. If you live outside of zones 9-12, you can pot the plants and bring them indoors over the cold months. Bromeliads prefer to live in temperatures between 60-80° F and they aren’t tolerant of cold or frost. These plants also do well in greenhouses during the cold season.


When To Put Bromeliads Outside

You may move your bromeliad outdoors when nighttime temperatures remain above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. To bring them outdoors, the plants should be hardened off first by keeping them in a sheltered outdoor area for two to three days. This will allow the plant to adapt to its new environment. Bromeliads can be brought outside during the spring and summer when there is no further chance of frost and temperatures remain above 50° F. Ease the plant outdoors in the spring by leaving them out a few hours at a time, gradually increasing the time outside each day until the bromeliad gets acclimated.

When To Bring Bromeliads Indoors

Bring your bromeliad indoors if the nighttime temperature is going to fall below 50° F or 10° C. Bromeliads should also be brought inside during the fall and winter when there is a chance of frost. Quarantining your plant from other plants for a few days is a good idea. This prevents outdoor pests from contaminating your other houseplants. 


Caring For Bromeliads Outdoors

Choose an area with bright filtered sunlight for best growth, blooms, and bold colors. Keep bromeliads out of direct afternoon sun because it may scorch the leaves. Morning or evening sun is best. Many bromeliads have a cup formed by their central leaves that should be filled with fresh rainwater or distilled water. You should pour out the old water and fill it with clean water every few days if possible. Make sure the bromeliad continues to have excellent drainage in its outdoor location. Apply a liquid fertilizer for orchids and bromeliads every month in the spring and summer. 


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Author Chris Link - Published 6-24-2023