Growing Snapdragons In Pots

Depending on the variety, snapdragons are well suited to growing in pots. Trailing, compact, and mi-height snapdragon varieties make great additions to container plantings. The tallest snapdragon garden varieties for cut flowers are not well suited for container plantings. Newer trailing snapdragons make great hanging baskets. 

Planting Snapdragons in Pots

The best time of year to grow snapdragons in pots is from early spring to early summer and again in the fall. Snapdragons are not well suited to containers in the heat of summer. Full sun locations will promote the most prolific blooms. They can also tolerate part sun locations. Choose a planter with drainage holes that is slightly bigger, both wider and deeper than your plants. Terra cotta, glazed ceramics, and sturdy plastic are all good materials for your planter. 

Best Soil for Snapdragons In Pots

A good quality, balanced potting mix is the best choice of soil for your snapdragon container. You can add clean, rich compost to your potting soil mix to increase the organic material in your pot. Rocks or pieces of broken up pots can be added to the bottom of the pot to add to the drainage especially in deeper pots. Mulch is another good addition to the topsoil to help maintain moisture.

Caring For Snapdragons in Planters

It is important to keep a close eye on your container Snapdragons as they are establishing and growing on. Make sure your Snapdragons like the exposure of the location you’ve chosen. Container plants can dry out easily since they have such ample drainage. As the plant gets larger, it will need more water. 

Watering Snapdragons in Pots

Container plants typically need more frequent water than garden plants due to their drainage. Full sun containers will often dry out even quicker. On bright, sunny days water your containers 1-2 times a day with deep soaking waters to fully saturate the soil. On rainy days, make sure your snapdragons get enough moisture. 

Fertilizing Snapdragons in Pots

Snapdragons benefit from a balanced 10-10-10 fertilizer after they start blooming every 2-4 weeks. Containers may need a bit more fertilizer than garden plants due to more frequent watering and therefore more dilution. 

Winter Care For Snapdragons in Pots

Most snapdragons are grown as flowering annuals or short-lived perennials and will not overwinter in containers. Snapdragons in containers will likely need to be removed and replaced during the hot summer months if they’re left in full sun. In more temperate climates snapdragons can overwinter, move snapdragon pots into a garage or sheltered location to allow them to go dormant over winter. 

Growing Snapdragons Indoors

Snapdragons cannot be grown indoors as a houseplant. As short-lived perennials or flowering annuals, they like full sun and are best suited to being grown outdoors.