Growing Sweet Potato Vines In Pots

Sweet potato vines are an excellent choice for container gardens. This easy-to-grow plant thrives when grown in a pot and regularly fertilized. They are available in several shades of green, including chartreuse and shades of purple. Use them in the spiller role in containers. They’ll look fantastic hanging over the edge of balconies, porch or deck railings, and window boxes. Use them in planters on steps, entrances, or large focal point containers in a garden. These also do fantastic in hanging baskets.


Planting Sweet Potato Vines in Pots

Sweet potato vines are sensitive to the cold. Do not plant them outside until the temperature is not predicted to drop below 45 degrees F. Grow them in a location that receives 6 hours of sun for best results. They can tolerate shadier conditions but will not grow as vigorously. Use a container with a drainage hole to prevent the roots from rotting. Grow them in a tall container or window box where they will have room to trail over the edge.

Best Soil For Sweet Potato Vines in Pots

Select a good quality potting mix as the growing medium for sweet potato vines. Add compost to the soil to provide extra nutrients, but this is optional.


Caring For Sweet Potato Vines in Planters

Sweet potato vines are low maintenance and easy to grow. Like most container-grown plants, they will thrive if given some extra attention in the form of a fertilization regimen and proper watering.

Watering Sweet Potato Vines in Pots

Water containers once a week if your area hasn’t received an inch of rain. Add water until some runs out the drainage hole to ensure that the entire root zone is moist. Water more frequently during heat waves, in full sun locations, or when growing the vine is a container made from a porous material such as clay. The soil should remain moist, but not saturated a few inches below the surface. Hanging baskets will dry out faster than a planter typically, so keep a close eye on the moisture level if growing in a hanging planter.


Fertilizing Sweet Potato Vine in Pots

Mix compost or a balanced slow-release granular fertilizer into the soil at planting time. Another option is to fertilize monthly with a water-soluble liquid fertilizer. Follow the directions on the package to avoid over-fertilizing.


Winter Care For Sweet Potato Vine in Pots

If you garden in zone 11 or warmer, you can leave the container outside over the winter. Continue watering as needed. You can move the container indoors if you live in a colder area. It is easier to take cuttings a few weeks before the temperature is predicted to drop below 50 degrees F. Place the cuttings in water where they will root to create new plants. Pot up the rooted cuttings to eliminate the threat of bringing soil-living insects or diseases into your home.

Can Sweet Potato Vine Be Grown Indoors

Sweet potato vines make excellent houseplants. Place it in front of a sunny window or provide supplemental light. Keep the soil moist but not wet. Do not place the plant against a window or near a door. This plant is sensitive to cold, and drafts may kill or stunt its growth.

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 Author Maureen Farmer - Published 12-16-2021