Watering Sweet Potato Vines

Sweet potato vines like to grow in moist but not wet soil. Water them once a week if no natural rainfall occurs. Water more frequently during unusually hot weather or if the sweet potato vine is part of a container garden. Overwatering causes the root system to rot.


How To Tell If Sweet Potato Vines Needs Watered

Sweet potato vine leaves will wilt if the soil has become too dry and the plant needs watering. If the plant goes too long without water, the leaves will turn yellow and die.

How Often To Water Sweet Potato Vines

Thoroughly water your sweet potato vine immediately after planting it. Add water to a container garden until some runs out its drainage hole to ensure all the soil is moist.

Water your sweet potato plant when the top couple of inches of soil dry out. Sweet potato vine is drought tolerant but will thrive when grown in moist, but not wet soil.

Check the moisture level in container-grown plants at least every few days. Check it more often during heat waves. The soil in container gardens dries out faster than the soil in the ground. This occurs more severely in porous containers such as clay or unglazed pots. Add water when the top couple of inches of soil is dry.

Best Time To Water Sweet Potato Vines

The best time to water plants is early in the morning. The second best time is early evening as long as the plant has enough time to dry off before the sun sets. If the leaves remain wet overnight, they may attract fungal spores that cause disease. Water plants anytime during the winter months outdoors or indoors when grown as houseplants.

How to Water Sweet Potato Vines

Step 1 - Check the soil moisture level.

Insert your finger two inches into the soil. If the soil feels moist, there’s no need to water. If the soil is dry, it’s time to water.

Step 2 - Add water around the bottom of the plant.

Use a hose sprayer or watering can to moisten the soil around the plant. Water enough to wet the soil a few inches below the surface. If the sweet potato vine is growing in a container, keep adding water until it runs out the bottom through the drainage hole.

Step 3 - Repeat the process.

If no significant amount of rain has fallen within a few days, check the soil moisture level and water if necessary.

Sweet Potato Vine Watering Tips

  • Check the soil moisture level more frequently during hot spells.
  • Allow the top few inches of soil to dry out.
  • Water the soil and not the leaves, if possible.
  • Water container grown plants more frequently.

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