How Tall Do Clematis Grow?

Clematis are among the world’s most popular garden plants and are well-known for their exquisitely beautiful flowers. They are perennial vines and there are more than 200 species and hundreds of different cultivars. The height of the plants will depend on what variety you are growing.


Some are container-grown kinds and reach only 3-5 feet. Others are climbing vines and can reach up to 15-30 feet. Most though are within the 8-12 feet range. For example, the recent popular introduction, Clematis ‘Sweet Summer Love’ will grow to 10-15 feet tall and spread 6-10 feet wide.


Other popular varieties and their growth sizes are:

  • Clematis ‘Jackmanii’ 8-12 feet tall and spread 4-6 feet wide
  • Clematis ‘Pink Mink’ 9-10 feet tall and spread 5-6 feet wide
  • Clematis ‘Viva Polonia’ 4-6 feet tall and spread 2-3 feet wide


Are Clematis Fast Growing?

Once established, clematis can be very vigorous growers. Each variety will grow at different speeds, but the plants are known to grow anywhere from a couple feet each year, to growing over 20 feet in one year! Some types of clematis can be invasive depending on where you live. But the main invasive clematis to worry about is C. terniflora.

How Tall Should A Trellis Be For Clematis?

Most clematis plants will come with a small trellis that the young plant grows on when living in the container. The vine will soon outgrow that trellis though, and you will need to plan ahead for how big your specific clematis will get.

The best trellis to use are between 57 - 72 inches tall, either made out of wood or metal. Metal will last longer, but wooden looks more natural. That height will be plenty tall for clematis as the plant matures. Some varieties can grow taller than that, but it won't be necessary to provide support higher than 72 inches tall for a healthy plant if you choose to keep it at that height. Clematis can live up to 50 years, so carefully plan where you want your plant to grow.

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Author Kathy Jentz - Published 12-01-2020